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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 its new yEar !!

if last year your wish doesnt come true..believe in this :

be patient maybe 2012 will be your year!!
also remember this below:

make sure in 2012
your life is surrounding by the love to others.. love everyone 
then everyone will love you..
GOD always love u too..remember that

do smile  before you close this  blog..
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

colourful life..lets enjoy it

lets thanks everybody before the 2011 end..

lets colour our life
if u think its time for u to change..go for it..
if u think u want to remain on the same place .. u can so no one will say no to your decision
dont regret what happen..everything happen for a reason  sorry to say ..there is much more better thing ahead us...heeeee
smile when u finish reading my entry like what i just do!!
sumber dari  facebook...hehe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my december with Christmas ♥

langsung tidak sangka dapat juga present krismas...lama sudah ne  sa tidak dapat hadiah....

look sleepy..its already 1.00 a.m
my new friend ..cik fong yang comel.
heee...ada orang bagi saya sama c fong present..arigato
purple wrapping..which i  like lah kan

thanks so much for i think asun kali yang bagi tuh hadiah d atas..( asun ialah someone that we student appreciate so much because he drive us to church every Sabbath...).
thanks to anna also..sebab bg kami another special gift...
and sepa punya exchange gift number 20 tuh..tima kasih la ar...sa dapat minyak masak... sos cili life ,bihun dan kicap abc ( which my mum punya faveret).. - macam suruh sa masak jak tau....

oklah...it was really a very enjoyable weekend i have with fong and all....

tentative event were like the below:
  # futsal
 # sukaneka
# badminton
 # exchange gift
 # penyampaian hadiah
# pertandingan nyanyi
# apapun semuanya kami bergumbira dengan hati yang senang..

i love the pandamaran church family a lot

yeah ive been such passive and  quite..i dont know why  lah kan...
i cant let go my problem eventough its just a  very tiny problem

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

my beloved purple beg


 peluk erat2..

yang ne limited edition sebab tuh weird ( salah edit)..hihi

ne lah beg yang mamy sa kasi beli..mau baca wat happen??

gini bah tuh...kebetulan in few weeks sa mau balik sabah sudah kan......
then adalah mamy sa tiba2 kol...sa heran...kenapa..risau juga minta beli apa2 dari sini sebab sa teda sudah duet kan masa tuh......dalam hati minta juga kirim duit lebih  ne..hihi

then...dia bilang gne.." anie cuba anie buka fesbuk mamy ada tuh beg warna purple.." dalam hati masa tuh...mesti mum mau beli beg online pastu suruh sa kasi beli...then..
saya tanyalah kenapa kan...then dia bilang " macam mum mau beli..anie suka? " dia bilang kan..
sa bilang suka sebab warna purple.( dalam hati kan..bolehlah sa ambik ne nanti sebab ingatkan mum mau beli untuk dia ne masa ne)...then mum bilang .." ngam tuh anie bawa p kuliah..anie suka tuh beg tuh..mum beli ar..."..sa risau sudah...takut mahal bah tuh beg kan....then mum bilang." orang kk juga tuh..t mum p ambik..."
oklah...sa kasi biar jak walupun risau juga mum ne teda duet tapi beli beg......

then sa balik kan......

sudah sa bagi dorang segala hadiah semua kan...sa rasa semua dapat tuh...
then mumy kasi keluar tu beg...(lulu my sis tidak tau pun mum kasi beli untuk sa..terkejut lulu ne) haha...
then sa ambik...sa nampak bah mum tuh ..dia mau kasi kuar air mata sudah..tapi tahan2..sa tidak tau lah napa kan...MASA TUH SA RASA MAU PELUK MUM..TAPI SA P BERCAKAP MA KUCING NE,..sa bilang.." nah miaw sa ada beg..ko ada? " mum balas apa tau..." sudah fifa rasmi tuh...sudah dia cakar2"

punyalah...huhu..tapi mumy men2 ja bah tuh...

apapun..mum i   u so much...

Monday, December 19, 2011


hubungan yang terlalu rapat saya dengan my ex bf punya mom...memang susah untuk saya lepaskan
i wanna let go all of this but then..
its hard for me...or maybe someday i will.
my ex bf is already married yet..but i still call my mama (his mom)
yeah...when i have any problems...beside then lovely kind heart friend..i will call my mom and yeah mama..
mama nangis tadi...rindu dan rasa bersalah dengan saya..but what to do..
i really hope i can hug her now..some goes to my mum...no one ever know the truth bout me...but yet
only this two moms know when i will go away for a very long time and not coming back again..because only them know what i had been going through all of this time and how i suffered so much
i wanna thnks to both mum again...thanks for being there when i need although both of u were far away by distance but so very the near in my heart...hihi...lots of love...sarangahae

Sunday, December 18, 2011

words that pass by my brain n heart

appreciate the little tiny thing people do to you
it might we need they help one day
maybe we will regret
we didnt appreciate them..

 fake smile means that the person is trying hard to forget the trouble surround them
dont get wrong when you saw some one with fake smile..
give them some support.


Friday, December 16, 2011

industrial visit yang tidak sudi

adehh...=,=''.. dari cara percakapan alias pertuturan pun sa tau orang tuh ndak mau kami pigi..macham2 alasan sa bagi dan dea pun bagi macam2 alasan..sandi wooo!
 bila sa wat suara frust dea bilang nanti lecturer marah dea... o.0''
tapi last2 dea bilang ada lagi on the 28th ne...but.. then...fida my pren xdpt pegi..and after that the following 2 days cuti...mau ajak kak wiki....entah dea mau ka ndak..sbb mesti dea pigi bercuti kan...

ndak apa...as usual sesuatu itu berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya..
sabar jak bukan rejeki
maybe next time much more better kan..

sebenarnya pa yang sa mau share sini....::::: what we write from our heart is not the same as what other people read...different way of expression and interpretation....same goes by the way we talk...its sound so good that we hardly realize that they were  up to something that only they and God knows :::::

Thursday, December 15, 2011

dont worry be happy

just pray from your pure heart
God listen to our pray

there is always

everywhere evertime..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

7 lovely logics

1. make peace with your past so it doesnt spoil your presence

2.what other think of you is none of your business

3. time heals almost everything, give the time ,some time.

4.no one is the reason of your happiness,except  YOU yourself

5.dont compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about

6.stop thinking too much, its alright not to know all answers

7.smile! you dont own all the problems in the world...


how i miss my smile and laugh....
its been months now it doesnt appear

Sunday, December 11, 2011


today is hari ini..hari ini jam 7.30 gtu mula tuh bulan gerhana
pastu kene until jam 12.30 gtu

jadi td kan sa sama housemate sa happening betul ne...kak wiki n andi nataliaku pigilah turun sana bawah
jam 8 sudah kami turun nga bulum lagi ada any motion..mungkin ada tapi kan kami teda teleskop kan so ndak brapa nampak lah....then kami tunggu sampai jam 8.30 ( kak wiki bilang tunggu sampai jam 9 lah baru kita naek kunu)...kami naik lah then cek fesbuk urang bilang ...mula sudah gerhana jam 9 tuh..kami pun tong ting tong turun balik,pastu,nampak lah bulan tuh semakin hensem( sorilah teda gambar..ada pun sana hp kawan)...then mata sa yang chantek ne nampak lah BURGER...nyum2...kami pun terasa kelaparan itu...namun hal yang demikian...kami tidak bawa dompet!! no MOney No FOOd...aduii... then setelah berbincang selama 2 minit..kami pun pigi naik umah balik.then kami ambik dumpit kami......kami turun dan order burger kami mau tuh...AYAM SPESEL AR 3!! bilang si lin ( andi nataliaku)...satu teda timun dea bilang kak wiki.....tunggu punya tunggu....mau setengah jam....sa pun sikit lagi jatuh menunggu.....then kami bayar..kak wiki bilang kenapa terlebih kira tuh.....ndak pa..sebab hari ne bulan gerhana..kami kasi halal lah ...
then kan kami makan lah burger yang sadap ne dengan mulut sa yang basar....ndak malu..sa ngap ja ne burger...pastu kan...kami lepak2 lah...kami kasi semangat c lin mau praktikal sudah dea kan...
bah oklah..sa mau p modop @ layan fesbukk

p/s 3 : semoga kami semua selamat dan berjaya dalam hidup ini..amen

Thursday, December 8, 2011


im dedicating the whole year of 2012 for my mommy
thats mean im gonna work hard for her...if i can give her something from my effort...that whats im gonna do im gonna do my very best unto it!!

i love her to fullest of the earth and heaven........
only god and us know whats ive been through  all of this time..
may god bless us...

history of the road

1920- Detroit installs a three color stoplight
1959- volvo in Sweden was the first car to feature a 3 pointer seatbelt
1966- Crash test dummies are modified for car safety test which in time replacing cadaver,chimps and hogs
1998- All auto must have dual front air bags
2008- Auto maker trot out alarms system that rouse sleepy drivers

p/s 2: what i found in some of the article when i spend my lonely day in library alone by myself..
peace yaw!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

happy birthday sweetie pie

dear housemate,
i just wanna shout happy birthday and hug you but ya i pemalu sket,mestilah pemalu kan sebab saya kan ada masalah ne ________________________________________
 panjang pula tmpt kosong nya tau...
 oklah...just wish that u r happy all of you life,,murah rezeki dan d berkati Tuhan

you are awesome 
and a good sister too
lots of love..


SHE is either,

Monday, December 5, 2011

live your life

dont cry over the past, its gone
dont stress about the future,its hasnt arrived
live in the present,make it beautiful

i am a New

hye kunu sa sama siapa2 yang menbaca blog sa ne ar
bh..hari ne tanggal brapa haribulan ne hari? kamu tulung tinguk diatas dulu..thanks..hihi
 bh hari ne sa join nuffnang malaysia....
kawan sa banyak kali sudah suruh ne....thnks to her my BFF a.k.a makcik jual kuih raya ..bukan! @ kakak sa  bah..c fida..<---- jgn malu2 checkitout her blog kayh
so hari ne berjaya buat semua tuh
so i hope everything gonna be fine lah selepas sa join ne ar
sa harap dapat juga kumpul sikit income
bukan apa..cian mummy sa...banyak betul dea berkorban demi sa
so i hope from here i can give what she want , one day!
thanks to fida, thanks to nuffnang and thanks to all yang sudi baca blog sa yang
heeee yang besa2 aja ne
p/s 4 : i miss my mum
kamu tau...mamy sa ne suka ambik gambr pastu mms sa ne..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday (o.0)

some quotes for today..

BAK kata c juardi ( smeshian sowtness) LoL
mcm kentut...

bak kata saya yang howt ne! please lah tangan  ke udara mcm mau bagi penampar.

sometimes when we let go something that is for us its hard to let go...
some much better thing will comes to us..without we realizing it....

sabarlah sabariah

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kardashian news ## $$$##

1. kimmy..divorced
2. kimmy had naked yoga instructor then kris got mad
3.kourtney pregnant second baby from scott ( un married)
4.kris not gonna divorce kim
5. ada prensentation dan saya nerves
6. kimmy family really got mad with her divorce.

any more??

enjoy the world..there are many drama and many more thing happening in this world

Thursday, December 1, 2011

first of december is here

hari ini 1 december sudah...
sa mesti mau bertukar...
sa mau jadi rama2 warna unggu..hikhikhik

bukanlah..sa mau change...i really need to be new...selama 4 tahun sa menderita hati dan perasaan...
so by today..sa akan berubah sa tidak mau lagi fikir benda yang sama ja dari dulu sampai sekarang..kenangan manis dan pahit tetap sa simpan biarlah jadi kekuatan dan jadi penghalang untuk perkara yang berlaku selepas ini...mum pun pesan gtu sejak last semester saya...so ne kali im not gonna wait till 2012...its gonna start now...

para2 sakura....im gonna change my mindset...!!! aja aja fighting...

at least im gonna try my very best....
1 dec : ada PRESENTATION larh..huhu.-,-