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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

stages of life ~.~

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Thursday, May 17, 2012


for me:
someone who have the beautiful smile sometime are those who had been hurt so many times in many things but still stand strong and continue lifes...


lets smile from our healed heart
dont make fake smile if u are really hurt..theres always someone for u lending their shoulder..
but then no matter how hurt it is continue smile...

anie sedih tapi senyum jg ne
ada satu masa tuh orang tegur.
' u have nice smile but i rarely see u smile..ive noticed ur smile today..how lucky i am'
apa perasaan kamu kana sakap gtu...
takajut kannn...
sa tidak kenal pun tuh urang..lelaki lagi tuh ( SO WAT)  kannn..hensem ne sa tgk..mau cair sudah tapi naseb unknown...fb dea pun sa teda apa lagi nama dea.lagi sa ndak tau...

sampai skrg sa teringat ingat ne...adede

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day

i love u so much
u know it
i know u know how deep my love for u
thanks mummy for your love
your time
your effort
your sacrifice 
just for me...
in everything 
in this world
i have no words to write more
u were always there for me
during my loss
during my hard time
during my bad day
during my failure
u were there in every most of my time being
thanks again my
i heart u
anie yg 
paling cute!
short video for mommy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

hati terluah!

i like someone doesnt mean i really wanna be with him so desperately...
i understand when the people who knows me and my story misunderstand what im trying to tell or show
i told X about this one guy but then way i told her it really shows that im so heavenly in love yet i am! im in love with his way! his humor and yes something lah about him....yes! i over react rite girl? =.='
maybe im trying my best to avoid the feeling of a loner...:(
im a loner? yes... for few reason i manage not to think that i am..but i had finish taking time thinking bout it and o realize ! gosh! its normal to be a loner! there is so much benefit from being one once in a while..
i learn that i like to be alone because when im alone.. im nearer to my faith..my GoD, my religion..and im happy with it.i learn to love many thing around me..and i like it alot...
so the conclusion is...i like him as someone in my life... someone called friend.
next..im a loner i do weird stuff but thats me...i didnt faking and im unable to be fake! im myself.. which im satisfy with it!

* i talk nonsense!!!*
im bored
im telling scrapped thing