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Saturday, June 30, 2012

a blessing day

its been a long time that ive asked to pray for clossing our Sabbath  today... i will remember this day and i hope the next time i will have the courage to pray it out loud and try on mic. ( ^.~)
oklah sakai sikit sa....well im learning to gain my confident.....jyeahhh

Monday, June 25, 2012

everywhere leeminho


22 june was leeminho oppa birthday...
here are some song for leeminho... wah his fans are all over the world.. from me
happy birthday..wish to meet someone like you

Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 years

there were the times when i was really down and really need someone to laugh with.
i dont know why i choose you that day with unshameful way i call you to accompany me to our room...
i can just call my friends but yeahh...i might scare if they were busy with their final year project..
the reason it was you because its our final year already... so i just wanna spend the times together

ok i notice that day when i told you what had happen in my life, and you were speechless but yet you were still there accompany me...you stay with me that time and i was thankful that you still there for me..i thought you will go after awhile but you didnt...thanks dear friend

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tambalut @ Friend

that day, Melissa were asked., " how about you? ". They were referring about a conversation on  * love story *
Melissa started by answering , " mine were much better than the 'ombak rindu', much more sad..ha ha !"
everyone could not believe her. So they keep asking about her love story as Melissa were someone who never told her story to them. Well, its because sometime, its hurt to tell some of it.
So Melissa continue, " you know, i have never dumped a guy, and u guys must listen to my story ok ! i have gone this far...hahaha ( she laugh again but the others were so concentrate on her)..."
so she continue " i never dumped guys i meet in my life..the reason was because i have lost someone precious in my life called ' tambalut '..he passed away because he was dumped by his girlfriend and the girl go for another guy..we spend our time together almost all the time until he die...i was there giving support to him although he never listen ones!.but its okay..almost all the time we wake up, signing our myspace and yahoo messenger, i was his only friend who know how was him..as i signing my yahoo messenger..he was already there waiting for me..i had saw everything...i saw his ugly ' just wake up look', i saw he ate his maggi, sometimes he eat that pork thing, his nasi ayam, even he changes cloth in front of me..the reason i was there for him because...well..in primary school, he was that cute guy but with really naughty behavior which irritates me all the time, i really hate him during my primary school...he likes to bully me, disturb me...then we lost contact for nearly 5 years.. then for so long we meet up in myspace ! ( before we started using facebook as our main social media).he added me first, and he pm me asking me if im the one who was his classmate in year 5.( i was like you suppose to be the one that bully me last time )..so i said yes thats me...about a long time he shares his story to me about his happy time..one day he changes so drastically because he told me that the girl he loves left him with another guy...ok and this thing started...i was so pity at him and since he was the only one that remember me as his friend @ classmate and i was therefore have no one ( mean no boyfriend)...so i spend my time with him, support him by being a good listener and giving out advices... but things getting worse when he started drinking and it continues for like everytime we meet in yahoo messenger.. after wake up he will drink, just after bath he will drinks, after and during meal he will drinks..* that time may be people around our ages will only know about carlsberg or tiger but this guy have known Label 5/ Jack daniel and all the expensive drinks..
he was really brokendown that time...he continue his school and everything.mean that he still go and hangout but he told me that he still cant changes his life and cant changes his mindset...
for really a long we both chat and video call...its was nearly 5 month that one day i was like so curious why havent he pm me or buzz me in yahoo messenger..then i try to have a look on myspace and it was a shock that someone post to his profile "" R.I.P"" ...I was still thinking that maybe his friend make fun or there is jokes going around between his friends...but then more and more people post that words to his profile...and then i asked this girl name Audrey...she saids that Roger no longer alive..his body were just buried yesterday.. ( some place people keep the death body for a time)...seems like Audrey did not know much about him so do i...both did not know how he die, what time, causes, and  where he had die.. for me thats really hurt me because my dear friend go without telling me..the only sign that i thought was few night before he asked me not to sleep early but wait for him to finish sharing his saddess and what burden his heart and soul..but i was so tired and told him i have to go to bed early that night...."
seems like they were not really understand Melissa story... so Melissa remind them, " Girls, before you dumped your loves, remember how kind he was, how many times he had wastes to be with you, and Guys, you just need time and continue searching for the girl you want to be with..just have a try in your future..and dont make your past as boundaries to continue sharing your love.."
someone asked Melissa how Sad were her love story...
Melissa answered ," ive been dumped so many times but it would not stop me loving the person who gonna ne my next "

Melissa keep on putting smile that day...the truth was, she had been crying all of this time thinking bout Roger, his TAMBALUT..that she had no tear for him but to smile as Roger were up there watching her..
 = )

Saturday, June 16, 2012

twenty thousand

before my practical i have to get 20 k
seriously this just making me nut

to the hulk in da house not a single words of u i will follow
memandai ja ko suruh2 sa sana...jangan harap!

#mood serabut