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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

nail art beauty

whats for today?
its been a while...
few days ago...i went to sunway pyramid....it is one the famous shopping mall here in malaysia.
well there were so much thing to be explore.and yes for sure...my pocket were empty that day, so i just get along with my friend who was kinda bored that day...and she wanted to shop...my eyes were all over the place but yet this one thing really attract me..


AWW... i saw this so called crack thing for finger nails...yeah it is a nail polish...awww awesome... and i grab 1 with the price of rm 19 per item ok... i took the purple color...wat to do..im a purple maniac lover and so ever!..

since then i ve been watching youtube day and night for this so called nail art beauty.
i like it so much..i guess i share here some of the link which i found out quiet interesting..

real asian beauty and lika sous
 enjoy then...
there  more from you tube then

enjoy the day beauties! :)

sources: patient of love

Friday, October 12, 2012

heart again

its hard for me to say
'i hate you'
'i dont like you'
and if ive been asked this " so u like me o r not?" " u hate me larh? "
the truth is i can like u and i can  not   hate u..im not that kind of person
but as brain told heart that i still need my time to heal and its not the time yet
i so do hope people understand..
yes i miss you !! but it was just because i miss my dad more!
so much more..and i hope to tell daddy and listen to his reply....so much that when u ask me if i miss u my friend..i have no answer.. and when the time i reply your question...and i message you all the crazy stuff ( yeah u know that i miss u in that way)
actually i was hoping that my daddy can reply me..
yeah... where is daddy? daddy is having his long vacation + out station for a long time...

ow..i do want to get marry but no so soon!
yes i want a boyfriend so i can tell him i miss my dad and i want him by my side all the time...like really all the time..
but really its all about time right?

dear future,
i have bad n many dark sight of my past
that i want you to accept  it first before  u accept the real me now!

                                      ive change but please accept my past.