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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My bff told me that she will having her facial mask last night... and i was like " i want too!! " but yeah it was because of financial problem that i havent get a facial for a loooooong time..
so this morning i went to the kitchen for breakfast and saw this green tea thing..
i am a huge fan of green tea yeah! the benefit really show! i used to drink green tea yeah to LOST WEIGHT and REDUCE MY ALLERGIC REACTION ON MY FACE. believe me the result is POSITIVE!!
but the only problem is....we should not consume it for along time everytime..as we know we will keep going to the toilet to shishi....that is not good for female..not only causes infection but it will loosen our genitourinary muscle...

so do consume it not so regularly ! i mean drinking green tea :)

so what i did today?
i make a facial mask by using the green tea
the teabag i used for both my eye
and i put some of the fluid all over my face
dont worry! warm water and green tea is enough
no need egg what so ever.
in 30 minutes i wash my face with MINERAL WATER
and i feel SO REFRESHING!

then after that used this
kopi tenom which i was told before that it is good for redness or any allergic reaction on face by my aunt
so i try it on my face are that is affected.
so far it is still red but i feel more lighther on my face..as before this i feel heavy as if something is on my face..
i hope to get good result
walla!! the refreshing of the green tea still there at my eye area and my face!


im here just to share, dont be afraid to try
ive try the white egg mask before but it turn into a disaster yet i patiently wait it disappear just by washing my face with various vitamin e facial cleanser so far it back to normal
just the pimple season havent go away!

different people have different face problem!


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